20 Confessions of 2 Girls on a Worship Team

Hillsong posted a great blog called 25 Confessions of a Worship Team. Alicia and I both expected it to be comical and I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t. So, we took it upon ourselves to write the amusing one!

1. It’s acceptable to insert “oh heck ya” when you don’t remember the words to a song.

2. Amazing chains, my grace is gone. Words get jumbled ALL the time.

3. We’ve played reggae versions of practically every worship song ever known to man. And I STILL can’t stand it.

5. Sometimes we secretly hoped the sermon would go longer so there would be time for a bathroom break. The coffee catches up right as Keith starts to pray, without a doubt.

6. We’ve played Sweet Home Alabama as the intro to far too many songs. Actually, even just one is too many.

7. Twitter sometimes feels like the only connection to the outside world during a long practice.

8. Whowaaweeeee. Who are we. Like I said, words get jumbled.

9. I (Andrea) think my guitar picks like hanging out inside my guitar. They just kind of jump in.

10. I (Alicia) get lipstick on the microphone ALL THE TIME.

11. We’ve prayed to not be scheduled for the “You Are Holy” weeks.

12. There’s a chunk of guitar chords that I (Andrea) have no interest in learning. Please don’t pick songs that are made up solely of those chords.**

13. One benefit of being at church before everyone else on Sunday mornings? Prime parking spots.

14. I (Alicia) can’t wear white nail polish while playing the piano. It quickly and unfortunately becomes a game of “where are my fingers?”.

15. Sometimes we wanted to use the tacky backgrounds for the slides just because they were so tacky and horrible.

16. We’ve tripped over cords while trying to quietly get on or off the stage.

17. Keeping the backstage giggling to a minimum was a real challenge way too many times.

18. I (Andrea) really can tune my own guitar. Shocker, I know. 😉

19. “Save the melody” is a real thing.

20. “Hosanna” starts to sound like “oh santa” when you’ve sang it too many times in a row.

** Where’s my capo?

Things: Tortilla Chips & Engagement Rings

It was on Halloween when Alicia first brought up engagement rings. I’d spent a few hours at Cedar Grove’s “Fall Festival” taking photos of minions, pirates, princesses, superheroes, and fuzzy woodland creatures before retreating to her house for a movie night. There was an abundance of chips and salsa and a million things to talk about, as there always are with her. Our friendship is fundamentally built on God, music, a mutual crush on Zac Efron, and tortilla chips. We turned on a movie but as usual, we immediately started talking. It’s just how we roll. We can’t make it 60 seconds without talking, let alone through a 90 minute movie.

I believe our engagement ring search started with something like, “Oh! I saw a pretty ring on an ad, what do you think?” and went on from there. You click on the ad, and, of course, it takes you to a plethora of other engagement rings. I was hooked. I needed to look at all of them.

Sneaky in her questions, she narrowed down my taste. What started out as “anything sparkly” was chiseled down to “3-stones” and “white gold”. Maybe it was the tortilla chip-coma, but I didn’t see anything suspicious.

My future maid-of-honor saved numerous engagement ring photos onto her desktop for me to sift through later.


I didn’t broadcast endless details about my engagement or wedding as it was happening. There were occasional facebook updates, tweets, and instagrams posted, but those were fairly sparse. I made the conscious decision to wait on posting details until the wedding had happened and I had given myself time to process through the millions of “things”, for lack of a better word, that had happened.

“Things” meaning…

Getting engaged
Planning a wedding
Continuing my jobs
Making a wedding happen
Packing to move
Getting married
Traveling to Hawaii
Moving to Southern California
Starting a new job

Each of these “things” has many bullet points, as you can imagine. This past year has been an extra special and an extra busy time. It was packed full of stories, photos, memories made, and so many meaningful conversations.


2015. Already? Where did 2014 go?

In 2014’s defense, it was a busy year! Nick and I got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married. I moved down to Southern California and unpacked all my stuff. Nick persevered with his masters program, I started a new job, and Nick continued his job. 2014 was full of life, learning, and a million other things.

I didn’t make any resolutions last year. At least I don’t remember if I did! I’ve never been a big resolution maker, but this past week, I came up with a few things I’d like to improve on. Nothing amazing or life changing, but little things.

1) I want to paint my nails more often. I have an extensive collection of nail polish and should really use it or get rid of it.
2) Writing and posting blogs needs to be more consistent. I’m aiming for 3 posts a week, but 2 is also good.
3) My poor guitar needs a little more attention. He’s been feeling a little neglected since the wedding.

Happy 2015! Here’s to another full year of creating new memories, learning new things, and enjoying life more and more each day.

The Last Book Store

Nick, our friend Emily, and I went to the biggest book store I’d ever seen. It’s tucked into a busy street somewhere in downtown L.A. The first floor was organized by genre and the books were new or just gently used. The second story was somewhat organized by genre, but another portion was displayed by color! Then, on the outside of the second story, there were tunnel like hallways with art studios tucked in. Numerous artists filled petite rooms with their prized artwork. Nick and Emily, both anthropology students, quickly found the cultural section. I got lost in the children’s books and then migrated to a few shelves of fashion books and magazines. What a uniquely beautiful bookstore! I’m already looking forward to our next trip there to find more gems.

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Favorite #1: Song

June is going to be my month of happy posts. And what’s more happy then reminiscing about my favorite things! Wedding preparations, marriage planning, and sorting/packing to move is all very exciting, messy, emotional, and lovely wrapped into one. So June is going to be a month of favorites and giggling and fun photos.

Favorite song though. That’s a hard one to start with. So I’ll make a list because list making is also a favorite activity.
1. Architecture by Jonathan Thulin. I was recently introduced that Jonathan Thulin. All of his songs are my favorite. But Architecture is my favorite-favorite.

2. Oceans by Hillsong. That one just had to make the top 5 list. It was a necessary addition to the list. I don’t care if it’s overplayed. I love it.

3. All Of Me by John Legend. I’m getting married in a matter of weeks, so I’m allowed to be obsessed with this song.

4. Love Alone is Worth the Fight by Switchfoot. I’ve had a crush on Switchfoot in their entirety for…years. I love their creativity with their lyrics and how unique their songs are.

5. Roar by Katy Perry. Who doesn’t love a good “girls rule” song? I like that it doesn’t bash men too much, either. Girls can be strong without tearing men apart. And it’s just a super catchy song.

Tomorrow’s post: favorite book.